Friday, 22 April 2011


Some people like to talk.

Some people talk about me.

Some people think it's alright to talk about me.

Sometimes I cry.

I want to ignore them. And forget about them.

I sound like a hormonal teenager. I don't mean to.

InshaAllah I can be strong.

InshaAllah these girls will gain maturity and knowledge from Allah SWT.

InshaAllah everything that's happened will make me stronger and wiser.

They are young girls. I feel like as I'm older, I should forgive and forget. Another part of me thinks I should just cut them out of my life, because they were only acquaintances. Except for one girl, she was my friend, and her words hurt the most.

I just want to end on a simple reminder, to myself first and foremost: there's no need to hurt someone else if you have been hurt. There's no need to talk about someone else  if you have been hurt. If you are upset, then the first feeling/emotion should be sabr. People often make mistakes when they are upset, because they forget to have sabr. Always have sabr. Always keep strong.

Salaam :)

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