Friday, 29 April 2011

Cliche and Cheesy

Mr RedBerries and I are going to get married inshaAllah. We're going to be happy together inshaAllah. Forever inshaAllah.

Some people have stumbled accross this blog. They use it to hurt me.

I love blogging. I love this blog. I can't replace it.

But I love myself more, and I can't set myself up to be hurt anymore.

This is the last post.

There's so many more things I wanted to rant about, and talk about. I was looking forward to just throwing my messy engagement/wedding plans out there and letting you guys watch as I got myself into a pickle. I wanted to use this as a place of positive change. For those sisters (and brothers) who might need a bit of a chuckle and a laugh.

Such a nuisance to have to give this up. It feels like defeat. I'm not going to start a new blog. I don't think I could risk it again if something happened. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

To those girls who know who I am, who disregarded my feelings and my emotions, who considered my right to privacy less important than their right to talk about me - I am closing this blog due to you.

For the girl who liked Mr RedBerries (and started this mess), I found out who you are. I know what you said about me. It hurt. Your anonymity can't protect you from Allah SWT. In this life, I forgive you. Mr RedBerries told me to forgive you. Forgive and forget.

To my readers, I shall miss you. Honestly. I wish it could have ended in a better way. Khair. It is, what it is.

Salaam alaikum


jnana said...


Atleast we know there's a happy ending...

xcomplicationsx said...

I'm sad to see you go. I've always wanted to read your blog completely but I guess now I'll never get that chance.

At least you got the guy (;

SoulSeek said...

Haters gonna hate. Do what you gotta do.

As complications said, you got the guy. Go make Allah, yourself and him happy.

That Girl said...

Aww this sucks! I really look forward to reading your blog posts, but I know what you mean about privacy. I wish people could respect your privacy, it really annoys me when they use it against you.

Inshallah they won't get in the way of your marriage, I pray that you are both very happy together. May Allah fill your life with his blessings and peace :) xxx said...

It's sucks that you're quitting blogging but there's an ending for everything. But you got your dude :)

Anonymous said...

at least let us know that u r married

Ali said...

SalamuAlekum Sister. I just stumbled upon our blog today for the 1st time. It was a nice read. And Really happy you are getting married soon inshallah.

I am an asian. Live in middle east. have a bit of idea what you have been talking about. i would suggest you to not leave this blog can always share your life with the world ( but limited ). I feel you did share a lot deeper then you should have in the past...but now mayb you can share the life with him and how inshallah you make it a success and grow into a better person and a bigger family....


Ali said...


single4now said...

Missed out on so many posts since I haven't been blogging either. It's terrible that people are talking about you out of jealousy. Khair, I hope you have a long and happy married life with Mr. Redberries. I'm glad that you ended your blog on at least a happy note. :)

I hope that if you do restart a blog, I manage to find it. I look forward to reading your advice on married life.

The Muslimah Monologues said...

Dear Me, Myself and...Him,

Loved reading you blog- its a shame you've decided to stop. I think it'd be nice if you could start again, maybe show your readers what happens next?

I've started out on my own blog (on the same kind of theme), and would love some tips if you have any?


M&M said...

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