Saturday, 18 December 2010

Who is He?

First things first - hijabi sailoress: JazakAllah khair for giving me a kick up the backside and getting me to write again.

I've been so super lazy recently. I started working full-time, which unfortunately leaves me very little time to do anything apart from eat and sleep. Let alone trying to get time to see Mr RedBerries (who is notoriously busy), or update this blog. Although I think the biggest factor contributing to my current lack of blog posts is....**drum roll please**....

I bought a Blackberry.

Yes, that's right, I sold my soul. Bought into the media hype, and the BBM frenzy, and the constant I-must-check-my-e-mails mindset...and got a Blackberry Torch. Gotta say though - It. Is. Awesome. I love it muchly. But I'm nowhere close to hashing out fully blown blog posts on it. Yet.

Anywho, point being:
New BB = less time on computer
Less time on computer = less blogging
Less blogging = :(

Mr RedBerries and I have been struggling to see each other recently. I want to see him. I miss him. Sometimes I wish he was around so I could tell him things. The big issue, is that I don't want to get too attached, and I most certainly don't want him to think I'm too attached. I'm not giving myself away, you know. I get so tired from working five days a week. Weekends I'm just playing catch up with sleep and chores and all those little things that get piled up for 'when I have some time'. I miss my friends who are still bumming around uni, and I miss all the lectures and talks and halaqas that I used to have time to attend, because by the time I finish work they've already started, so there's no point attending late, tired and hungry. When I'm not going to pay any attention and just wish I was home in my pyjamas with some hot food.

Mr Red Berries is SO busy, I don't know where to begin. Like he's obviously got his day job. And studies. Every couple of weekends he's hops off home. Then he's playing catch up with work and study when he comes back. Then he's got Arabic lessons. And Aqeeda lessons. And weekly halaqa (of which I think he attends two). Helping out at the mosque. Tutoring. When he has a moment, he hangs out with his best friends, who he lives with. Somehow, inbetween all of that, he's reading book after book of Islamic knowledge, building up his crazy library of knowledge.

Like I said, he's a bit intimidating.

I think we're struggling a little. We want to see each other, get the wheels turning so to speak. But it's so difficult, when our timetables matching up is a complete nightmare. The more we delay, the harder we make it for each other. InshaAllah I would like a decision quickly - it's not to good to draw these things out you know - **sigh** if only it wasn't so difficult.

I'm not sure if that's a real update, or just me letting off some steam. Khair, I'll give you guys some juicy gossip soon.

Salaam x


Love and Sugar said...

Assalamualaikum sis,

InshaAllah things will get better between you and Mr Redberries :)

Just letting you know that I've changed the url of my blog. It is now

You might have to subscribe again. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I'm also having a giveaway so don't miss out! :)

Fatima said...

Congrats with your new cellphone, ooh I also want a Blackberry! ;p