Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Islamic Event Dating

This year is my last at university, and I finally stepped up the courage to join my university's Isoc. Even though I know most of the regular Isoc-ers, I never formally joined the committee because I was always under the impression that a certain type of Muslim was in it...and I guess I never wanted to be that kinda person.

This post is not one of those I-can't-believe-I-was-so-wrong posts. Some of the guys and gals on the committee were exactly as I thought they would be. I was reading an article the other day about how problems are like pebbles...if you hold them too close, they seem huge and obtrusive, but look at them in the grand scheme of things and you realise that they're nothing in the grand scheme of things. I think sometimes people in power lose touch with the grassroot movements from whence they came...but that's not really the point of today's entry.

So, let me set the scene. I've just started helping out with the ISoc. It's the first event. A lecture by a fairly well known speaker about the Quran.

Seeing as this was one of my first events, I took the easy job of ushering. Some brothers came in, I showed them where to sit. They made some jokes about their day, I laughed politely, gave them advice about where the best place to park was, and that was that.

Three days later....

Me: ::merrily making pasta::

**ring ring**

Me: ::picks up phone:: Yello?

My friend: Salaam, how you doing?

Me: Alh, okay...you enjoy the talk the other day?

My friend: I was only there for a little bit...it was kinda confusing. More importantly...were you ushering by the door?

Me: .....Yeah.

(At this point, I am having an internal panic attack about whether I could have accidentally set off any alarms, switched on/off any switches, tripped anyone over, blocked anyone's view, dressed inappropriately etc etc)

My friend: Did you happen to speak to some guys from ******?

Me: Er...yeah...I think so. Were they the ones that came super early?

My friend: That's right.

Me: ...

My friend: Basically, don't freak out...but one of them is asking if you would be interested in getting married.


I literally had a five-minute conversation with the guy. I have no idea...absolutely, positively NO idea what he saw in me, that clicked on his 'potential marriage' switch. In fact, I was a little wierded out.

Part 2 (a.k.a. What I did next) coming soon! x


hijabi.sailoress said...

RedBerries: The Romantic in me would DIE for an opportunity like that!!!!!!!!!! Marriage doesn't bite!! Give it a try. :)

Aminah said...

Whoa!! I would be a little creeped out myself, but I think you should introduce him to your family and get to know him better before you run into something you could possibly regret. The whole scenario was cute, though :)

Effervescent said...

Awwwwww that is SOO cute!!! he even made the effort to find out about you and get someone in touch with you...all the while you had no idea..^_^ and it was just the first event!
Things happen when you least expect them... ok so let me be the 1st to ask-

what do you think about this guy????? lol i feel soooo EXCITED!! like hijabi.sailoress- the romantic in me would DIE for an oppurtunity like that! lol

Is-za Jelass said...

this is so funny...no matter what happens I am sure everything will work out fine....

Where's my popcorn? lol

أم الخــلـود said...
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here and there said...

Where's part 2? where's part 2? Im dyingg here!!! :P